The Story of BrainTime

By Dr. Jim Otis

I developed BrainTime to help my patients. I had a chiropractic and functional neurology practice in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1984 until 2020, specializing in helping people with concussions, strokes, ADHD, learning disabilities, and problems with balance.

It began when my first wife had a head injury in 1983 and she couldn’t talk. She recovered from that injury with a lot of help from many people, but her recovery was slower and more erratic than we wanted. That experience inspired me to learn about the brain and help people speed their recovery from brain injuries and strokes.

I studied with leading teachers around the world, achieved board certification and fellowship status in the field of functional neurology, and developed a practice helping people with a wide variety of brain-related conditions including brain injuries and strokes, ADHD and learning disabilities, and problems with memory and balance..

I developed BrainTime® in the 1990’s to help the brain-related conditions I was working with, but my patients and I soon found that BrainTime® also helps improve sleep, build resilience to stress, and increase happiness and productivity.

BrainTime® spread by word of mouth and now medical doctors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists recommend BrainTime® to manage stress and speed healing. We have users on six continents.

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