The Story of BrainTime

Hello and welcome! I’m Dr. Jim Otis, a board certified functional neurologist. The BrainTime journey started when my first wife had a head injury and she literally couldn’t talk. She tried many types of treatments and she eventually recovered, but it was slower and more erratic than we had hoped. Her experience inspired me to learn about the brain so that I could help other people speed their recovery from brain injuries and strokes. Little did I know then, I would develop a program that would reach far beyond patients with brain challenges – but also help everybody obtain better sleep, improved performance, sharper memory, greater happiness, and so much more.

It started when I studied with the best teachers in the world, and achieved board certification and fellowship status in the field of functional neurology. I began to work with a wide variety of brain-related conditions, including ADHD and learning disabilities, memory and balance problems, and brain injuries and strokes.

I first developed BrainTime to help the brain-related conditions I was working with, but my patients and I soon found that BrainTime helped in a more general way to improve sleep, build resilience to stress, and spur happiness and productivity. With that in mind, I began developing several programs that were tested with patients and non-patients and proven to work well for everybody, not just specialized medical cases. Over a twenty-year period BrainTime was perfected and shown to offer a multitude of stellar results for people of all ages.

BrainTime quickly spread by word-of-mouth with medical doctors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists recommending it to manage stress and speed healing. But, I also wanted everyone NOT seeking medical or therapy assistance to have access to the amazing and fast results that BrainTime offers. I wanted everybody, of any age, to experience overall well-being and healthy brain function. So the BrainTime programs are now being made available to the public, and I’m thrilled to be changing lives by helping people to Build A Better Brain!

Dr. Jim Otis is a Board-Certified Functional Neurologist in practice since 1984 in Oakland, California, offering drug-free treatment for a wide variety of neurological problems.

He provides continuing education in the field of functional neurology for medical doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, and chiropractors, and has made frequent radio and television appearances.

Fellow, American College of Functional Neurology
Fellow, American Board of Childhood Developmental Disorders
Diplomate, American Chiropractic Neurology Board