BrainTime is a patented, easy-to-use procedure to help your brain work better. You listen for five minutes twice a day to gentle sounds that guide your brain to a state of health.

Watch Our 2-Minute Video About The BrainTime Difference

Watch Our 2-Minute Video About
The BrainTime Difference

Fast, Noticeable Results

Quantitative EEG measurements showed positive changes after the first five-minute session of BrainTime’. Positive results begin to accumulate from the first session and are stabilized with repeated use over the coming weeks and months. Most people notice significant improvement after one month of twice-daily practice.

Users Report…

  • Greater ability to handle stress
  • Easier, deeper sleep
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase happiness and satisfaction

People Are Getting Amazing Results

"I had difficulty sleeping for 15 years and BrainTime helped right away. Now I have more energy. I don’t need the afternoon nap."

Dr. Andrew Calder

Auckland, New Zealand

"My short term memory has increased in leaps and bounds and my moods and sleep patterns have improved tremendously."

Dr. Brian Faul

George, Western Cape South Africa

"I have more clarity and focus. I lowered my golf handicap 6 strokes in 7 months – at age 86!"

Virginia Rarig

Cayucos, CA

"I recommend BrainTime® as a simple and inexpensive solution for problems with sleep."

Dr. Ellie Campbell

Atlanta, GA

"BrainTime® gives clarity and supports my spiritual practice."

Rita Hovakimian

San Francisco, CA

"It’s wonderful. I’m falling asleep in less than five minutes – faster than my husband!"

Sandra Hargis

San Ramon, CA

"We all use BrainTime®. Mornings are smoother and I’m more organized."

David Taylor-Klause

Atlanta, GA

"BrainTime® helps me manage the stress of menopause. My sleep improved the first day!"

Birgit Spahn

New Zealand

"My daughter is calmer and she’s getting good reports from school!"

Matt Green

Oakland, CA

"I can put things in perspective and problems don’t feel like the end of the world."

Contis Booth

Edgewood, MD

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