Nutritional Supplements to Support Your Brain*

* The following information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult your healthcare practitioner for questions about your particular condition.

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EnteroVite supplies a combination of short-chain fatty acids, a fuel source for your brain, and a support for your intestinal microbiome.

Enterovite may be helpful to reduce food reactions, support ‘leaky gut’, and improve brain energy and cognitive endurance.*

NeuroFlam supplies low-diameter phenols and flavinoids that can cross the blood-brain barrier to support neurological function. 

NeuroFlam may reduce brain fog, slow thinking and other signs of neurological inflamation.* It is often helpful following brain injuries, strokes, and neurodegenrative diseases like Alzheimers Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.*

NeuroO2 is a combination of herbs and vitamins to support the small blood vessels of the brain. 

NeuroO2 supports oxygenation, energy, and immune function of the brain.* Especially important in conditions of decreased peripheral circulation.

SuperMethyl B12 provides co-factors to metabolize homocystein, a chemical that sometimes accumulates and causes damage in the brain. 

SuperMethyl B12 may be helpful when homocystein levels are above 9 μmol/L on a lab test.*

Trizomal Glutathione provides three ways to support glutathione, the master antioxidant in your brain. Because of it’s high energy requirements, the brain is especially sensitive to oxidative stress. 

Trizomal Glutathione supports healthy brain function, detoxification activity in the liver, and healthy immune system balance.*


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