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Welcome to BrainTime!

You’re about to enjoy a breakthrough in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Watch this video to get started now.


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Plan to listen to two or more of the trainings each day, one or more in the AM and one or more in the PM.

Use a set of headphones. They don’t have to be fancy but you need to hear different sounds in each ear.

Orient your headphones.

Make sure you hear the sounds for your right and left ears in the correct ear.

Use the “Headphone Orientation” test at the top of the training page.

Listen with a low volume, just loud enough to hear the training comfortably.

Select your desired training and click on the playbar.

Sit quietly and close your eyes while you listen to the trainings. (You can customize the length of play – see the FAQs to learn how.)

To learn more, read our FAQs and be sure to watch the welcome video, “How to Use BrainTime.”

What to Expect:

BrainTime should be a pleasant experience. If you feel agitated or uncomfortable in any way, reduce your listening time to one minute or less.

You might notice fast, immediate results as the existing connections in your brain begin to work better.

You will probably notice gradual improvement over the course of a month as you grow new health-promoting connections in your brain.[/ultimate_modal][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1494537089040{margin-bottom: 20px !important;}”]

IMPORTANT: Headphone Orientation Test

Before using BrainTime, make sure your headphones are on correctly,
with the left speaker on the left ear and the right speaker on the right ear.
Press the playbar below to test your headphone alignment.

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BrainTime Trainings

Listen to one or more of these trainings in the AM and one or more in the PM.

[wonderplugin_audio id=”31″]

Listen to Focus during the day to create sharp, clear attention.


[wonderplugin_audio id=”32″]

Listen to Relax any time day or night to be calm, clear, and productive.


[wonderplugin_audio id=”33″]

Listen to Sleep before bed or in the middle of the night and set the stage for restful, restorative sleep.



[wonderplugin_audio id=”34″]

Listen to Breath any time of the day or night for rest and rejuvenation.


[wonderplugin_audio id=”35″]

Listen to Resilience any time of the day or night to reduce stress and handle challenges gracefully.


[wonderplugin_audio id=”36″]

Listen to Mindset any time of the day or night to gain a healthy perspective and build health-promoting pathways in your brain.