How To Use BrainTime And What To Expect

How much time does it take to use BrainTime?

We recommend using BrainTime for 5 minutes twice a day. The frequency of BrainTime is more important than the total amount of time. For example, 5 minutes twice a day for 5 days a week is much more effective than a 1-hour session once a week, even though the 1-hour session is more total time. It is okay to do longer or more frequent sessions as long as you do not get tired or agitated during a session. Again, keep in mind that frequency is more important than total amount of time.

Is it okay to use BrainTime just before bed?

Yes, many people find that BrainTime prepares them for a good night’s sleep.

Can young children use BrainTime?

Yes, people of any age can use BrainTime.

Should I continue using BrainTime after I feel better?

We recommend that you use BrainTime for the rest of your life. It’s a daily tune-up for your brain to keep you resilient to stress, improve your mood, keep you sharp and clear, speed your learning, help your sleep, and support your physical health.

Are there any contraindications for using BrainTime?

No, there are no contraindications for using BrainTime.

When is the best time to use BrainTime?

You can schedule the sessions any time of day: morning, afternoon, evening, just before bed or if you wake up during the night.

Can I do other tasks while I listen to BrainTime?

There are many ways to use BrainTime:

  • You can sit quietly, close your eyes and use the Focus, Relax, and Sleep trainings as a relaxation or meditation break.

  • You can combine the Relax training with other activities. The Breath, Resilience, and Mindset trainings combine the Relax soundtrack with powerful health-promoting activities to get faster, more complete results.

  • You can also use Relax:

    • As you practice a rehabilitation exercise that your health practitioner has prescribed.

    • While you are journaling.

    • As you do quiet activities like reading, email, or doing the dishes.

We offer suggestions about how to combine BrainTime with brain-building exercises in many of the audio lessons in our audio library: Click here. DO NOT listen to BrainTime while driving.

How should children use BrainTime?

If a young child is using BrainTime, it is usually helpful to have them sit in an adult’s lap or play quietly. You can use a headphone splitter and listen to BrainTime at the same time as your child. This is a double win because you both get the health-promoting, stress-reducing benefits of BrainTime.

Are there any side effects to using BrainTime?

Adverse reactions are rare and they do not last. BrainTime should be a pleasant experience. If you notice any unpleasant sensations such as confusion, agitation, or mental fatigue, try the following remedies:

  • Make sure that you hear different sounds in each ear.

  • Make sure that your headphones are aligned correctly and on the correct ears (Right/Left).

  • Listen for a shorter period of time (1 or 2 minutes instead of 5 and gradually increase your listening time as it becomes comfortable to do so.)

If you continue to feel tired, agitated or have any unpleasant experience when you listen to BrainTime, discontinue use.

Can I drive while listening to BrainTime?

Don’t listen to BrainTime while you are driving because the headphones or earbuds can block the sound of traffic.

Using BrainTime with Other Forms of Therapy

Can I use BrainTime with other forms of treatment or therapy?

BrainTime works well on its own, but it really shines when you combine it with other forms of treatment and self-help. Think of it this way: BrainTime makes it easier to learn new habits and skills, and it makes your brain and body more receptive to all kinds of healing input. It is fine to use BrainTime with medication (see the next section) or other forms of treatment and therapy.

Can I use BrainTime while using medication?

Yes. If you have questions, discuss anything related to your prescribed medications with your physician. Some people notice that their need for medication changes as they use BrainTime. Children taking stimulant medication for ADHD usually take medication “holidays,” or periods of time when they are off the medication. They are typically more relaxed and focused when they are on the medication, and less when they are off medication. After a month of using BrainTime, the pattern might reverse so that your child is more centered and focused when they are OFF the medication. If this happens, talk with your physician about the possibility of changing the prescription. Always check with your physician before you make any changes in your or your child’s medication.

Technical Questions

How do I change the number of times a chosen training plays?

The fourth button (left to right) on the exercise playbar is a toggle to choose how many times the training will play before stopping. The broken square plays once, the square with a 1 in it repeats once, and the unbroken square is a continuous loop.

Why won't my chosen training play all the way through?

This usually means your connection to the Internet is either not strong enough or not fast enough. Here as some ways to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure you have a strong signal.

  • Move closer to the Wi-Fi equipment or use a wired connection.

  • Close other programs on your computer. Don’t try to download other files while listening to BrainTime.

  • Turn your computer or device off and start it again.

  • Call your Internet service provider and have them test the strength of your connection. They can do this remotely.

What if I don't hear different sounds in different ears?

Take the “Headphone Orientation” test on the BrainTime training page. You MUST be able to hear different sounds in each ear to get the benefits of BrainTime. If you do not hear different sounds in each ear, here are possible solutions:

  • Be sure your headphones are plugged all the way in to the headphone jack. Otherwise, you may hear the same thing in both ears, or hear sounds in only one ear.

  • Perhaps the headphones are the problem. Try a different set of headphones.

  • Perhaps the computer or device is the problem. Log in to the training page from a different computer or device and see if that works.

What type of headphones should I use when listening to BrainTime? Can I listen with ear buds?

You can use any type of headphone or ear bud. They do not have to be fancy. You do however need to hear different sounds in your two ears, and your headphones or earbuds do need to be lined up correctly with on the correct sides. We suggest that you check the sound separation and right / left alignment with the “headphone orientation test’ on our website. (include link). Please label the right and left sides of your headphones or earbuds for easy reference in the future if they aren’t already labelled. Note: Please don’t fall asleep wearing ear buds because this could damage your ears.

Scientific Questions

What is the science behind BrainTime?

Learn the science of BrainTime on the Science page of our About section: Click here. Watch a video about the science of BrainTime in our video library: Click here.

How is BrainTime different from other brain training programs?

Learn how BrainTime is different on the Differences page in our About section: Click here.

Managing your Account

How do I update my credit card information?

Once logged into your account, click ‘My Profile’ in the upper right corner, then click ‘Credit Card Update.’

Can my family use my account?

Yes, family members in your household can share your membership with you.

How do I change my password?

Once logged into your account, click ‘My Profile’ in the upper right corner, then click ‘Password Change.’

Other Questions

Why do the BrainTime sounds in the training exercises periodically change?

We periodically post different versions of BrainTime audios in our training area. This helps you get the best results. Different sequences of sounds exercise your brain in different ways. This is like using different exercise routines when you go to the gym. Each variation of BrainTime that we post in our training area is safe and balanced and helpful for a wide variety of conditions.

How do I send a testimonial?

We love getting testimonials! Please email your testimonial and picture (preferred, but optional) to

Can I download BrainTime to use on my smartphone or tablet?

You can use BrainTime from your smartphone or tablet when you have Internet access. There is no downloadable program available.

I still have questions - where can I get more information about BrainTime?

Read the ‘About’ section to learn the history, science and unique nature of BrainTime: Click here. If you still have questions, please send us an email or message thru our ‘Contact’ page and we’ll get back to you shortly:Click here.

How is BrainTime different from Holosync (and other technologies that use “binaural beats”)?

BrainTime is practiced for 5 minutes twice a day, while Holosync is practiced for 1 hour a day. They use different technology and have very different effects on your brain. Learn more on our differences page: Click here.

Do you offer a referral or affiliate program?

Yes. Click the “Partners” link found at the bottom of our website for more information.

Do you have a CD I can buy?

We do not offer BrainTime as a CD. You can download the educational audio library recordings from our educational program. We change the training exercises in our membership area on a regular basis because the variation helps your brain. We also regularly update the sounds to keep up to date with cutting edge discoveries in brain science. For those reasons, we do not offer a download of the trainings.